Making Health Care Clinics More Comfortable For Your Kids

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Making Health Care Clinics More Comfortable For Your Kids

A few months ago, I started thinking about the fact that I hadn't taken my kids to the doctor in a long time. I realized that I was late on a few of my son's checkups, so I made him an appointment with our family doctor. Unfortunately, since my son didn't know the doctor, he was pretty uncomfortable during the appointment. I had to figure out how to make my son comfortable and happy during the visit, which was a real challenge. This blog is all about making health care clinics as comfortable and happy as possible. Check out these articles to find out more.


4 Nutrition Tips For Young Athletes On Game Day

3 August 2016
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As a young athlete, you are probably no stranger to heading to a practice or even a game on an empty stomach that continues to constantly growl at you. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. Regardless of the sport you play, proper nutrition on game day is key to stellar performance. So, as you need a game plan for your sport, you also need a game plan for your nutrition on these important days. Read More …

Caring for Your Transgender Child: Tips to Keep Them Healthy & Safe

28 July 2016
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When your child comes to you and tells you that they identify as transgender, it may come as a shock at first. After all, you have always seen your child as the gender that their reproductive organs at birth would indicate and it can be challenging to shift your perceptions of them. However, as their parent, your primary concern is keeping them safe and healthy throughout their life. Get to know some of the ways that you can ensure that your transgender child is healthy and safe as they begin their transition and gender confirmation process. Read More …

Allergic To Fire Ant Stings? Learn How Immunotherapy Allergy Injections Can Help

26 July 2016
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Living with an allergy is never fun. When you are frightened to walk in the grass bare-footed or afraid to lie in the grass and watch the clouds roll by with your kids because of being allergic to fire ant stings, learning more about your best defense is smart. Find out how you can benefit from allergy immunotherapy injections for your allergy to fire ant stings. What Is Immunotherapy For Fire Ant Sting Allergies? Read More …

Eating Away At You: How To Help A Loved One By Treating Food Addiction As Substance Abuse

30 June 2016
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One major form of substance abuse that does not receive as much attention nor treatment is food addiction. For some, the line between loving food and having a food addiction can be a thin one. If you have a family member who talks, thinks, and indulges in food to the point that it is beginning to affect the rest of their life and health, they may need to enter a treatment program in order to get well again. Read More …

Tips For Helping Children On The Spectrum Overcome Low Muscle Tone

22 June 2016
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Muscle tone problems are common for kids with developmental disorders like autism and autism spectrum disorders. Some of the most common issues include things like loose muscles, poor gross motor skills and a lack of resistance in the muscles. This makes daily tasks hard, increasing fatigue and struggles. Here are a few things that you can do to help your child improve his or her muscle tone and reinforce the skills that will be taught through physical therapy. Read More …