Making Health Care Clinics More Comfortable For Your Kids

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Making Health Care Clinics More Comfortable For Your Kids

A few months ago, I started thinking about the fact that I hadn't taken my kids to the doctor in a long time. I realized that I was late on a few of my son's checkups, so I made him an appointment with our family doctor. Unfortunately, since my son didn't know the doctor, he was pretty uncomfortable during the appointment. I had to figure out how to make my son comfortable and happy during the visit, which was a real challenge. This blog is all about making health care clinics as comfortable and happy as possible. Check out these articles to find out more.


Hydration and Healing: Using Water to Thrive

15 January 2019
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Most of the world consists of water, and the vast majority of the human body is made up of water. When you have access to water in all of its forms, it can give you so many health benefits, and when you lack it, your health can take a tremendous hit.  If you would like to make your use of water work for you, it's important to look into the many different methods of hydration and therapy available to you. Read More …

5 Things You Should Know About The APOE Gene And Alzheimer’s Disease

13 October 2018
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Being aware of any risk factors you have for developing Alzheimer's can help you to mitigate your risks and prepare for the consequences of developing the disease. You might want to consider Apoe genetic testing to gain some insights into your chances of developing Alzheimer's. The following are five important things you need to know about the APOE gene and Alzheimer's Disease if you're considering genetic testing. 1. APOE is responsible for metabolizing fats in the body Read More …

How Can A Home Health Care Aide Help You After Surgery?

28 August 2018
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If you are going to be recuperating from surgery, then you may have to have a lot of help once you go home. If you don't have family members who are going to be readily available to help take care of you then you should consider having a home health care services professional come to take care of you. Otherwise, you can find yourself in dangerous situations and unable to take proper care of yourself. Read More …

Things To Know About Irregular Periods As You Age

26 June 2018
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If you have always had normal, regular periods, it might be disturbing to you if you start experiencing irregularities with your cycles. While this can be frustrating, it is also quite normal for women as they age. If you are currently struggling with irregular periods, here are several things you should know. You should track your periods If you want to know how off your periods are, you should track them. Read More …

A Guide To Choosing The Right Pediatrician For Your Premature Twins

16 February 2017
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Whether your newborn twins are your first children or they have half a dozen brothers and sisters waiting for them to come home, there is no doubt that having premature babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or NICU, is terrifying for every parent. As your babies get stronger and healthier in the NICU and it comes closer to the time that they can be released, it is important to choose the right pediatrician. Read More …