Do Your Kids Have Lice?

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Do Your Kids Have Lice?

17 May 2019
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When you're dealing with a lice issue, you want to eradicate the pests as soon as you can. Lice are parasites that live in the hair, and contrary to popular belief, they aren't any more attracted to a dirty head than a hygienic one. Kids often get head lice more frequently than adults just because they are in close contact to one another and don't pay as much attention to personal hygiene.

When kids get lice, they commonly get it from school or daycare. When your kids get lice, the parasites can quickly and easily spread from one child to another, so you want to catch the problems as soon as you notice them so you can keep from getting a whole household affected by lice. Do your kids have lice? Here is a guide to help you. You can get treatment from your local treatment center; ask your pediatrician where you can get treated for lice symptoms.

An outbreak is going around school or daycare

If an outbreak of head lice is going around at your little ones' schools or daycare centers, start checking their heads for signs of lice. Since this condition is easily spread by children touching heads, sharing clothing, or sitting in close proximity to one another — no matter how often they are bathed or what their general hygiene is like — it's likely your children will get lice if it's going around their school.

Check your children's heads by parting their hair close to their scalp. You'll notice small black or white dots in their hairline or along hair shafts if they have lice nits (babies) or eggs. If you think your child has lice, take them to a lice treatment center like Comb It Out Lice Removal immediately.

Your kids are scratching or complaining of irritation

If your kids are all scratching their heads and complaining of irritated skin or scalps, then you may be dealing with a lice situation. If only one child is affected, then it may be a simple case of dandruff or an irritation related to a shampoo, but if all the kids are showing symptoms of head lice, this may be more likely to be the case. It's wise to wash all bedding and stuffed animals in hot water and use a lice treatment on all your children until your doctor lets you know you're in the clear. The right treatment will make you feel confident in your kids' overall health and well-being regarding lice.