Why You Should Choose A Robotic Knee Surgery

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Why You Should Choose A Robotic Knee Surgery

16 May 2016
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If you need a knee replacement, then you may have some concerns about things like long recovery times, pain, and poor knee performance after the operation. These are valid concerns, but you should not put off your operation for too long or pain will increase as the joint deteriorates. Instead, opt for a robotic knee replacement surgery. This type of procedure has many benefits over a traditional one. Keep reading to understand a few reasons why you should pick the procedure.

More Controlled Leg Alignment

Most knees will need to be replaced when the cartilage starts to wear down. This cartilage sits on the inside of the joint where the shin and thigh bones meet one another. When the cartilage breaks away, the bones will then start to grind against each other. In the process, the knee may collapse inward or outward and create a knock-kneed or bow-legged effect. The shin bone and thigh bone will no longer be aligned properly with one another. This places a great deal of stress on the knee. When a knee replacement it completed, the bones are aligned with one another. This allows for a longer lasting knee and that ability to walk without discomfort.

The bone alignment process is an extremely important part of your knee replacement surgery. While surgeons can use CT scans, MRIs, and your own body to figure out positioning, the process may not be exact. However, when a robot is used, more exact alignment can be obtained. This is possible since a computer program will be used to plan and complete the operation. Leg alignment can be planned in advance and executed with the help of the robot.

Reduced Trauma

If you go through a traditional knee replacement operation, then your surgeon may need to create a long incision that is eight to twelve inches long. A minimally invasive operation will produce an incision that is four inches long. A robotic surgery will generally create an incision that is even smaller than a minimally invasive one. This is possible since the small arms of the robot do not require as much space as the human hands do to complete complex procedures like the replacement of the knee.

When incisions are kept smaller, then the tissues of the body will not be damaged as much. This will lead to a shorter recovery time, less pain, and a smaller scar. If you want to know the exact size of the incision before your operation, make sure to ask so you know exactly what to expect. For more information, consider contacting companies like the Noyes Knee Institute.