Three Hour Three Step Guide To Household Management When Someone Needs Immediate Care

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Three Hour Three Step Guide To Household Management When Someone Needs Immediate Care

15 April 2016
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There is nothing like a sudden illness or an accident to throw your household into a tailspin. If someone gets sick and needs immediate care from a healthcare clinic, you will need to make calls and arrangements within a short amount of time. Here is a quick guide on how to take care of business when someone needs to go to the hospital and you are in charge. 

Immediately after discovering the illness: Drop the kids off at the quickest place

When someone gets sick, they will need to head to the hospital immediately. They will also need more of your concentration. This means that the children will need to go to a place where they will be cared for without you having to take them along to the hospital. Figure out the route that you will need to take to the immediate care clinic. If you cannot leave the children with an immediate neighbor, figure out which family or friends live along this route and call to ask if they can stay overnight. If so, take this route, and drop them off in a hurry. 

At the hospital: Get them checked in immediately

After dropping off any minors that may need care, you can concentrate on checking in your sick loved one. The sooner they are checked in, the higher they will be on the list to receive immediate care. Be sure to get all of their symptoms and how much pain they are in on the car ride over, so that you can give the receptionist an accurate account of the illness. This will get your loved on seen and allow the physicians to immediately work on diagnosing or healing their ailment.

While in the waiting room: Request a sick day from work, just in case

Even if the illness happens at the end of one work day, there is always the chance that you and your sick loved one will remain at the hospital or healing at home overnight and well into the next day. Instead of having to worry about calling in later, call into the workplace of yourself and your loved one to let them know that you will not be in the next day. If the sick individuals one of your children, make sure to call their school to let them know what is going on. Even if it turns out the problem can be handled overnight, you may need the next day to get the household back on track.