How Can A Home Health Care Aide Help You After Surgery?

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How Can A Home Health Care Aide Help You After Surgery?

28 August 2018
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If you are going to be recuperating from surgery, then you may have to have a lot of help once you go home. If you don't have family members who are going to be readily available to help take care of you then you should consider having a home health care services professional come to take care of you. Otherwise, you can find yourself in dangerous situations and unable to take proper care of yourself. Not having the proper care can cause you to experience problems ranging from a large number of things including infection, bladder infection, missed medication doses, hunger, and even living in filth. Here are some of the things that a home health aide will be able to offer you when you go this route:

Personal care tasks

When you are recovering from some types of surgery, it can be too hard physically for you to take care of yourself. You may not be able to shower yourself, get dressed on your own, take care of your toenails, do your hair, go to the bathroom, take care of your teeth, and more. A home health care aide will be able to help you to do all of these things so you can continue having them done while you are healing up.

Exercise and range of motion

After you have had surgery, you may need to spend a lot of type resting in bed, but you will also need to move around. If you don't do some types of moving around, then it can lead to issues like the development of bedsores, loss of flexibility, loss of muscle mass, and even the development of pneumonia. A home health care aide can help you to do range-of-motion exercises or other exercises that have been approved by your doctor. They can also help you to get in and out of bed safely to do those exercises.

Eating properly

You can just live on shakes kept beside your bed, but if you aren't able to cook for yourself, you can get very sick. A home health aide can take care of your eating needs on all fronts. They can do everything from shopping for the food to cooking it up, helping you eat it, and even cleaning up the kitchen afterward.

Giving you meds

Your home health aide can also help you to take your medications, and if you are in need of IV therapy, then an RN home health aide can take care of your IV for you.